Network of Regional Youth Work Units England blog

A Network of Regional Youth Work Units, in England, collaborating across regions to promote good youth work and young people’s voices.


NE Gen Showcase - high res -106

We are proud of our strong relationships within the sector, and capitalise on them to champion work with young people, conduct research, develop and support innovative work and identify best practice that contributes to development of policy and improving outcomes. This unique position enables us know the right people to talk to in many areas nationally and locally, and we are adept at forging new relationships and productive partnerships.

The Regional Units were collectively commissioned by the Department of Health’s ‘You’re Welcome’ Programme to help enable young people play a key role in inspecting and advising on how well local health services meet the needs of young people.

Working with young people and local youth services, we developed resources and material for use at a local level for the training of young inspectors/advisers.

We also helped foster links between the organisations involved, young people and clients, ensuring health bodies were more able to effectively understand young people’s needs, and how to keep in touch with them in the future. One of the Units also put on an awards ceremony to celebrate the achievements of people who were awarded the You’re Welcome certificate.


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