Network of Regional Youth Work Units England blog

A Network of Regional Youth Work Units, in England, collaborating across regions to promote good youth work and young people’s voices.



Regional Youth Work Units have a very long history of supporting and coordinating youth participation opportunities, for young people across the country. A number of Units have developed coordinating regional youth participation groups, linking to numerous local youth forums, parliaments and assemblies. These regional participation initiatives represent the best single entry point into youth participation programmes in the regions.

No other network has such strong links to local and regional youth participation. Our youth participation networks are regularly used by partner agencies to consult with, and engage young people. We have supported government consultations, Health Service initiatives, campaigned on transport issues and provided a plethora of best practice examples in meaningful youth participation. Our participation networks also include those professionals who support youth engagement. Combined, these professional networks form the largest grouping of youth participation workers in the country.


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