Network of Regional Youth Work Units England blog

A Network of Regional Youth Work Units, in England, collaborating across regions to promote good youth work and young people’s voices.

Aims and Objectives


group of young people The Purpose of the Network is to:

– Support and strengthen the capacity of RYWUs, and promote the development of best practice amongst RYWUs in all English regions.

– Enable RYWUs to work collaboratively on youth work practice, and services to young people in the regions, without compromising the independence of individual units.

– Provide a national voice for RYWUs and ensure that RYWUs play an active role in debates and consultations on national youth policy developments affecting youth work and young people.

The Youth Work Units will:

– Work collaboratively to develop cross-regional and national initiatives which will benefit youth work and services to young people.

– Nominate representatives to meet and negotiate with national organisations with an interest in youth work and services to young people, on a case by case basis.

– Organise relevant meetings/discussion forums and support regional network development.

– Share good practice and relevant information within the network, to support RYWUs in other region.Contribute to the development of joint policy statements and consultation.


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