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Youth Focus West Midlands unveils new website

world wide webPushing low cost and open-source software and technology to its limits is not without its pitfalls, but stretching resources is a long established driver for those who work for young people! The resulting delay in launching our new webspace is perhaps unsurprising, but unlikely to hold us back for long!

The new YFWM website has been built around the regional work areas and groups to extend active discussion and engagement beyond the day to day hurdles of workload and travel.

To allow and encourage more inclusive involvement in YFWM initiatives, services and networks, the website’s news feeds, discussion pages and resources – along with online meetings and events – will complement the ‘traditional’ circuit of meetings and broadcasts with opt-in ‘user-defined’ flexibility.

The social media revolution has transformed people’s connectivity, inclusion and ‘virtual’ mobility, for a generation of services and professionals under pressure, a similar transformation is long overdue; a strategic and collaborative media revolution holds the key…

Subscribers to YFWM (open to organisations, authorities and individuals) will be able to access the ‘In Focus’ web areas and facilities, benefitting from YFWM services and inclusion in professional networks.

The new website will be available at but the old site is still there for the time-being. We are working fast and furiously in the background hoping to be up and running by Monday 21 October – we’ll let you know as soon as we go live!

Ruth Rickman-Williams
Chief Executive Officer – Youth Focus West Midlands

Photo credit: Anna Maria Lopez


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