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Connecting Cultures

youth work weekYoung people and youth work need to be celebrated!

That’s why every year since 1993 the National Youth Agency has coordinated National Youth Work Week to provide an opportunity for youth organisations, youth workers and young people engaged in youth work to celebrate the achievements and impact of youth work throughout the UK.

This year Youth Work Week ran from 5 -11 November 2012 and centred on the theme ‘Connecting Cultures’.

Here’s a sneak peek from the West Midlands of the many activities young people took part in to celebrate youth work, while having a brilliant time!


To celebrate Youth Work Week and the theme of ‘Connecting Cultures’ young people were invited to an Open Week with the Youth & Community Team.

There was a selection of clubs for people to visit throughout the week of 5 – 9 November 2012 where they had the opportunity to see the work we are doing with young people across the borough of Telford and Wrekin.

  Monday5 November Positive Activities to Progression – Life   Skills 13:15 –   15:15
Hadley – Happi Young People’s Panel 17.00   -18.30
Donnington Junior Youth Club 17.30 –   19.00
Open Mixed Youth Club 18.00 –   20.00
 Tuesday 6 November Bronze DofE 19.00 –   21.00
Club 18.45 –   21.15
 Wednesday 7November Silver DofE 19.00 –   21.00
Brookside Open Mixed 18.30 –   20.30
Web Open Mixed 19.00 – 21.00
 Thursday 8 November Sutton Hill Junior Club 16.15 –   17.45
Woodside Youth Club 19.00 –   21.00
Arleston Open Mixed Youth Club 17.30 –   19.30
 Friday 9November HLC school Support 9:30   -11:30
Open Mixed Session 19.00 –   21.00


On Thursday 8 November we held an Accreditation/Recognition Evening at a local secondary school. It included presentations and performances by bands, singers and a dance group. We had boards saying ‘What has youth work done for me? What does culture mean to me?’ which were all signed by young people. The event was attended by 200 young people and was hailed a success by all involved.


Bloxwich, Blakenall, Birchills Leamore

Youth Leaders Programme is an on-going piece of work taking place within the Bloxwich, Blakenall, Birchills Leamore area. It is part of a team vision of community enablement, whereby key young people, parent carers and residents work together and alongside youth workers to solution drive initiatives. One key focus within the project is to bridge the gap between different ethnic groups within the area.


Throughout the week young people have created artwork around the culture of Willenhall, designing canvases containing images of different groups of individuals which they felt were part of their community.

Young people started work on a cook book containing different recipes that they have identified as either part of their own culture or part of different cultures that they would like to learn to cook.

We have worked with young people around British Citizenship and what it means to be British, young people participated in a British Citizenship Test that tested their knowledge and opened up debate around British history, political structures and British society.

Due to recent English Defence League (EDL) activity in Walsall and to raise awareness of Race Hate groups young people participated in a exercise that tested their knowledge of different Race Hate groups and highlighted the common cause of hatred, segregation and violence towards different sectors of the community.

Walsall South

To coincide with National Youth Work Week the South Area Youth Team launched 3 new nights at the brand new youth provision Myplace Youth Centre in Delves.

These were Monday ‘Positive Vibes, Wednesday ‘Healthy Vibes’ and Friday ‘Creative Vibes’.

These were well received and young people who attended are excited about being involved with planning activities based around the different themes and getting involved in the new programme which includes a young women’s group on Saturday afternoons and an ‘Urban Freestyle Event’ once a month on a Saturday night.

Ruth Rickman-Williams

Regional Youth Work Unit West Midlands


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