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The Shape of Youth Work in the West Midlands: A Profession at Risk or an Opportunity for Innovation?


This week sees the publication of the above research paper produced by Staffordshire University in collaboration with Youth Focus West Midlands.

It appears to me that there is still much to commend regarding the future of youth work and the contribution it has to offer to the lives of young people.

There are still, however, significant challenges to how the contribution of youth work is acknowledged and supported and the basis on which the professional status of youth work is recognized.

I would welcome feedback on the report that has been produced and would be keen to see how the research in the West Midlands is reflected nationally. I would like to think that youth work organisations and the professionals that work within them can galvanize support for the profession and seek to work together to ensure that youth work and the youth work contribution isn’t lost to the next generation.

Ruth Rickman-Williams

Regional Youth Officer, Youth Focus West Midlands


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